The Value Of A Design And Construct Builder

Many people debate the various merits of Design and Construct Builders. Some wholeheartedly endorse design and construct builders while others are not entirely confident in handing over the reigns. At Bartlett Builders we believe that contracting a Design and Construct service with a trusted builder will be the best thing you’ve ever done. From accurate quotes to reputable tradesmen, as well as sticking to timeframes; here’s why Bartlett Builders are proud to offer a Design and Construct service. Design and construct builders are more invested in giving you an accurate quote. Regular designers want to ‘get in and out’ as soon as possible. Lowballing the cost of the overall build is a sneaky way to get homeowners to agree to first draft plans, rather than making modifications to arrive at a dream home that’s still within budget. However, when you work with a Design and Construct Builder it is in the builders best interest to have a fully informed client. Design and Construct Builders aim to complete the project on budget and on time – giving you a lowball quote defeats that goal from the beginning. At Bartlett Builders we offer a design and construct service that incorporates trusted drafters and we work with you to suit your budget, not blow smoke. Finding reputable tradesmen to work on your project can be frustrating. Friends and family will recommend a multitude of different tradesmen or warn you of certain people. Trying to find the balance between too expensive and too cheap can also drive you insane. There are so many great tradesmen out there – how do you find the right one for your project? Your Design and Construct Builder will do this for you, taking all the stress out of finding the right people for your project. Bartlett Builders have been in the industry for decades and have built an extensive network of contacts. We chose only the most trusted of tradesmen that we know will be right for your project. All negotiations can be left in the adept hands of your Bartlett Builders’ project manager. Similarly, Bartlett Builders will coordinate all timeframes of your builder. Your design and construct builder will take over the coordination of all renovation work, coordination of tradesmen, and coordination of the overall project timeline. At Bartlett Builders we have invaluable ‘on-site’ experience and our builders inherently know ‘where to from here’. We use our extensive knowledge to drive your project forward in time to meet your deadlines. This knowledge and commitment to quality have proved invaluable for many homeowners. When you work with a Design and Construct builder you can take off your ‘Project Manager’ hat and pass that responsibility to your builder. Having a Right Hand Man who will alleviate all the stress of renovations will also significantly increase your enjoyment of the process and the finished product. Instead of battling through the project, you can focus on celebrating milestones. Prepare your interior, plan your landscaping and garden works, even host a ‘Reno Party’ when you reach your milestones!