To Raise Or Extend?

We often find people are ready to move on to a larger home after living in the same house for a few years, however, finding that home can be a challenge. Instead, consider an extension or house raise and build under. This can provide you with the larger home you were seeking without moving. Doing so also allows you to create your dream home. The team at Bartlett Builders Qld are experienced across a variety of renovation processes, including house extensions and raises.

Home extensions are perfect for when you don’t require a large addition to your home. Adding a room or two can provide the opportunity to create an open plan home. Push awkward rooms such as the laundry or a bathroom into the extended areas and remove the internal walls to open up the living areas. Doing so can significantly improve your home, giving it the appearance of a much larger space even with small extensions. One downfall to adding an extension to your home is the fact that doing so will cut into your yard space, which can be limited in Brisbane.

House raises and build-under are the best option for when you’re wanting to significantly enlargen your home. We can add an entire floor to your home, dividing your living and sleeping areas. A house raise doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fill the ground floor with usable space, maybe you want to have a garage or storage space. No matter what you require we can work with you to create the perfect home for you and your family.

Many homes in Brisbane were created in the traditional Queenslander style. Over time, these homes shift and can present internal issues that can often be fixed with a raise. It’s also these homes that tend to be on the smaller side as they were built in a time when we didn’t have a need for spacious homes. Raising a Queenslander is also the best way to undergo renovations whilst remaining within the rules and regulations that surround heritage-listed homes. These restrictions largely focus on maintaining the character of the home, including using the same materials and colour scheme. We are experienced in working with character homes, so we can deliver a stunning and spacious renovation.

House raises are also good for homes in flood-prone areas. Lifting a house above ground level can prove to be a beneficial choice in the long run. In the case of a flood, your home will be protected.

Raise or Extend Raised Home
Raise or Extend Extended Home