Narrow Building Lookout Space

Many People Are Intimidated By What They Assume Will Be A Complicated Process Or A Sub-Par Home.

But the truth is that narrow lot homes can be just as stunning as any other home. The key factors in ensuring you receive the home of your dreams, lie with careful planning and a knowledgeable building team. Bartlett Builders Queensland specialises in narrow lot or narrow frontage homes.

Below are some great starting points to discuss with your building designer or architect to get the conversation flowing:

Let the light flood in!

Natural light has been proven time and again to have a positive effect on how people feel about their homes. Narrow lot homes can walk a fine line between feeling cramped and using all available space – allowing natural light to fill your home will help ensure that you land on the right side of the razor’s edge. Light and airy narrow lot homes are a masterful combination of architectural finesse and internal styling.

Maximise storage opportunities

The quickest way to make a home look small and cluttered (as well as frustrating the people who live there) is a lack of storage options. Incorporating built in storage options into narrow lot homes is a must. Many designers and architects can create surprising and innovative storage solutions when given

Embrace the environment

Embracing your outdoor areas and the your properties surrounds. If you are an avid entertainer, perhaps it is worth investing time and effort into a well equipped entertaining area. If your property is situated in a picturesque area, looking at options for maximising the view while still maintaining privacy. Narrow lot homes are all about embracing what is already available, rather that wrestling to make ideas fit.

Maximise your living space

Sit down and plot your most used areas in the home and decide where you are going to ‘invest’ your space. If your family like personal space and privacy… invest more space in the bedrooms, or perhaps secondary entertaining areas.
If you find yourselves with guests over often, or spending a lot of time together – invest your space in large lounge or sitting rooms. Carefully consider how much space you need for utility rooms such as the laundry, the kitchen, etc. Be realistic with your estimates. The most common gripe for all homeowners is the size of the kitchen. It may be tempting to reduce the size of your kitchen, but will it frustrate you in 6 months? Equally, do you need a room for the laundry, or can it just be a recessed nook away from everything?
There is no ‘right’ way to do it, but careful consideration of your needs will ensure this home brings nothing but joyful memories.

If you would like to know more about narrow lot homes, or you would like to take the first step towards your custom home, then contact Bartlett Builders Queensland today!