Planning For Renovations In Brisbane

Okay – it’s really exciting when you first start to think of renovating. You are looking through Pinterest and Houzz, saving images of things you love. But, converting a bathroom idea from Pinterest to actually making it all happen are totally different things. Here are a few things to plan renovations before you commence to make your life easier and help achieve your dream renovation.

  1. Budget – be realistic! Don’t base your expectations on TV shows that give you a false idea of how far your money is going to go. Work out what money you really do have available to spend on this renovation. Make sure you are not spending too much or too little. Be aware the level of quality of fixtures & fittings is going to impact on your budget. Not many people can do what is done on The Block and spend $4000 on a tap!
  2. Meet with a builder – While builders are not designers, most have a good knowledge of how much things cost. Maybe you have $300k to spend – this doesn’t mean that you can achieve all you want for that. Part of this budget has to go to design, planning, site works etc. Meeting with a builder early on will help to give you a realistic idea of what you can achieve with your budget.
  3. Concept Plans – Get your designer to do initial concept plans, once you are happy with them get them priced by your builder. These are not final plans and it is better to know now if you are looking at a $500k project instead of $300k. Unfortunately, this scenario happens all the time – people spend money on plans that are not going to fit in with their budget. If you work with both your designer & builder together at this time, you are much more likely to create a concept that is going to fit your budget and fill your renovation wish list.
  4. Final Plans – Once you are happy with your concept and know what your costs are likely to be, get your final plans drawn. People will tell you get three quotes and others will tell you get six. But be mindful that most builders do not like quoting for jobs when there are multiple others quoting. It is far better to work with a builder from the beginning. After all building takes a team effort!