The Value Of Being Decisive With Your Builder

Bartlett Builders offer the very valuable service of Design and Construct. Simply put: Design and Construct means that you engage Bartlett Builders to manage your building or renovation project on your behalf – from start to finish. The merits of Design and Construct have been extolled by many. In the interests of keeping on point, we will simply say that having an experienced professional builder with a network of professional subcontractors in charge of your project affords homeowners a lot of peace of mind when it comes to completing their home on a budget and on time.

However, no matter how great your Design and Construct builder is, you will still need to have a small modicum of input in the project.

The majority of this input will come into play early on in the process – when decisions about budget, style, timeframe, and a few other things need to be made. Your builder cannot decide whether you should have marble or laminate countertops. They can advise you regarding the pros and cons, or cost. But ultimately, this decision belongs with you.

The process of renovating a home can leave homeowners with extreme ‘decision fatigue’. But it is important to remember that this part of the process is just that – a single part of the process that will be over soon!

It is important that you make firm decisions when it comes to the planning stage of your build. If need be, consult an interior design or another style consultant to help you with your choices. These are professionals who thrive on helping clients make up their mind. The worst thing you can do is to be indecisive.

No Decision Is The Worst Decision

Being indecisive can erode your project from the inside out and can delay you getting into the home of your dreams. If you go back and forth with your builder, consistently unable to make a decision at each stage of the builder then you can unknowingly delay each stage by a day or even a week, or more!

Making clear decisions long before your builder approaches you is a great way to save buyers remorse later. Snap decisions can sometimes lead to your home not having a consistent style throughout. Having a firm and clear picture of what you want, long before it comes time to choose paint colours or tiles will help with this.

Additionally, being decisive is going to save a lot of frustration for you and your builder. Being able to give clear answers to questions will equate to less ‘back-and-forth’ and less nagging from your builder. No builder wants to nag you about making a decision, but they are on a deadline – They need to know!